Questions about competing as a vocalist
Q: May I include back-up vocals of my own voice when I audition?
A: No. Your accompaniment can only be instrumental — no vocals allowed. You can either play an instrument or bring a CD to play as your accompaniment when you audition.

Q: My friend usually accompanies me on piano. Can he play for my audition?
A: Yes, but you will need to bring a portable keyboard. We cannot provide an instrument. You can also record the accompaniment on a CD and play that during your audition as long as there are no vocals on the accompaniment.

Q: I’ve paid my fee to audition. Do I have to also buy a ticket to the Blind Auditions? How about to the Final Competition?
A: Your audition fee entitles you to enjoy the refreshments and also to sit in the audience for the Blind Auditions, so you do not need to buy a ticket as well. If you are chosen as one of the Finalists, that also gives you free admission to the Final Competition at the Pavilion. However, if you are not a Finalist, you must buy a ticket if you want to attend the Final Competition.

Questions about attending the events
Q: I bought a ticket to the Final Competition in September. Can I also attend the Blind Auditions in July?
A: You’ll need to purchase a separate ticket to attend the other event.

Q: My friend is one of the singers and I want to hear her audition. Will you be posting the audition times so I can just stay for her audition?
A: No, but your friend will know if she’s scheduled to perform during the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd portion of the evening. With your ticket to the Blind Audition event, you can spend time in the auditorium listening to auditions and also enjoy refreshments and visiting with friends in the lobby of The Magic Circle Theatre while auditions are continuing.

The approximate times for the auditions will be announced soon.
There will be a brief intermission between each of the 3 portions of the evening. If possible, we hope to trim a little bit of time off these estimates as the event progresses.

Q: I bought General Admission tickets for the Final Competition, but now I’ve decided I’d like V.I.P. tickets instead. Can I exchange them?
A: Absolutely! Email us and we’ll make arrangements to give you credit for the General Admission tickets and collect the difference to upgrade to V.I.P. (assuming the deadline for V.I.P. sales hasn’t passed).

Do you still have questions? Email us and we’ll try to answer them.

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